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NEW Dermalogica Smart Response Serum

NEW Dermalogica Smart Response Serum

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Product Information

Introducing the new Smart Response Serum by Dermalogica - your skin's new best (super smart) friend.

Did you know, your skin gives off its own unique signals? Dermalogica's new Smart Serum can detect these signals and provide a zone-by-zone response to common skin concerns, delivering exactly what your skin needs. 

Smart Response serum contains 4 smart actives that respond to different skin signals, helping to reduce wrinkles, dark spots, redness and dehydration.

Wrinkles - detects collagen weakness and acts to firm skin

Dark spots - detects surge in melanin and acts to brighten skin

Redness - detects cellular imbalance and acts to soothe skin

Dehydration - detects weak skin barriers and acts to repair and hydrate

how to use

Apply to cleansed skin before your favourite dermalogica moisturiser, morning and night.


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